First Day of Spring

the first day of spring
the robins do sing
stickin out their red breasts
is surely the first test
that spring has sprung
the door wreaths are hung

Easter is coming a sign of spring
church bells surely will loudly ring

children will look for eggs to find
and some Mothers will think they're going out of their mind

chocolate gets the children so high
they think they can follow their kites to the sky

jelly beans stuck in their jaws all puffed out
it is a silly scene, we laugh and shout

don't run with candy or anything in your jaw
just in case you might trip and fall

at that time Easter draws nigh
all of us Mothers give a big sigh

Happy Easter to all enjoy church and your candy
hope this year and next turns out real dandy.

By Amy (



First Day of Spring

The first day of spring is a surprise,
The big plants were moved to the deck,
The gardenia bush is a riot,
Of buds waiting to spill their perfume.

The foliage of the geranium
Is crisp and thick and fine,
It has one lonely stem with one lonely bud,
But that is just divine.

Christmas cacti must straighten their heads,
They bent toward the door light all winter,
Hopefully they will live through the heat,
And be a bright spot for us next year.

The pear blossoms are gone, not the red buds,
A few crepe myrtles are showing their colors,
The yard has had its first cleanup,
Winter is gone - let the games begin!

For spring is all about hope,
Rebirh, renewal, looking forward,
Next week I'll buy some new plants,
Little babes separated from their mothers.

Like the tiny sparrows and finches,
Learning how to live a new way,
Flying or reaching toward the sun,
Gathering food, drinking rain, a new day.

By Norma (


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