A Good Cuppa Tea

If youíre feeling sad and blue
And you donít know what to do
Thereís nothing like a pot of tea
If shared between two or three
You can drink tea anytime of day
Also drink your tea different ways.

Drink it hot, straight from the pot
Drink it cold, go on, be bold
Drink it if youíre sad, or even mad
Drink it at dawn, it makes you feel calm
Drink it black, no milk in that
Drink it alone, when youíre at home

A china cup for me is fine
Especially when Iím out to dine
Of course our Yorkshire tea is best
For me, when Iím feeling stressed
I do have milk with my cup of tea
But no sugar will you ever see.

So any-one who visits me
Always gets a good cup of tea

By Doreen Hampshire (hampshiredoreen@gmail.com)



A Cup of Tea

When I was but twelve,
I drank a cup of tea,
Filled it with milk,
Thought I was grown up.

Secretly, I thought
What's this all about,
What do they get out of tea?
Then I discovered,

They all were like me,
Couldn't stand the stuff,
Life went on
'Til I was all grown up, now,

Sometimes tea sits very well,
There is something special in this brew,
Coffee doesn't have quite the magic, as
Gossipping with a lovely pot 'twixt us two.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)


A Cup of Tea

Tea with honey is what I am drinkin
Not sure if it is cold or flu
But three weeks of illness my mood is sinkin
What it is I have not a clue
Just tired of it and worn out
I just don't feel well at all it's so true
Weather is a factor I have no doubt

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)


A Cup of Tea

Come on over
have a cuppa and let's talk
about the weather or whatever
memories we remember,
on this yukky day in November

come on over, it'll be fun
having tea and cinnamon buns
it's a perfect day to sit and chat
in front of the fireplace's embers
on a snowy day in December

hey, come on over
for a chat about New Year's resolutions
and what we're going to do tomorrow
since we've put away the tree and wreaths of berry
we can just relax in January

come on over? not today
in my warm house I'm gonna stay
there's nothing worse than this month's weather
think I'll stick with a book and a Bloody Mary
in this rotten month of February

come on over for a cuppa?
maybe just one before I have to fix suppah
we can catch up on all the gossip
talk about your sore back and my fallen arch
in this snowy, yet muddy month of March

come on over in time for tea
we'll laugh and chat, just you and me
oh, I wish I could, but this time is not good
I have too many flower gardens to fill
It's planting time in the month of April

winter teatime is always fun
fills lots of hours when there's no sun
over Earl Grey and raspberry scones, our teas
keep us caught up on the neighborhood news
so see you when next we have the winter blues

By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)


A Cup of Tea

I used to be so hooked on tea
back in the days when i wes twenty-three
then I started getting nauseated
dr said lay off the tea thus I was fated

to give up something that I loved
later if life I prayed to the one above
so that I could drink a cup or two
now I am not so blue

i drink it with a little sugar, i like it a little sweet
no milk for me that would just defeat
the purpose of me sippin it
milk is not my favorite, not one bit

tea has more caffeine in it than coffee
but it was the the offolin,in it you see
that made me ill
so i dont drink tea anymore to get my fill

every now and then I pour a cup of tea
then make some toast and dip it in thee

By Amy (fabulousfilly@aol.com)


Cup of Tea

Oh wow mercy me, think I will have a cup of tea
little cough, throat is hoarse, time it is for me
cup of tea for what ails, better than getting mail
sometimes it just sets one asail

Tea bag oh yes Earl Grey might I say
then after it does steep if I may
teaspoon of nice honey and then
large shot of good brandy

Sit read a book in the nook
sip and just act forsook
but oh yes a good book
slow read, re read some if took

Second cup makes one quite mellow
ah and a lot say that are sallow
just thin brown water
but my pleasing tea, will make one dotter

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)


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