In both my life and my garden
I have bright flowers that grow
They make my life a richer place
Just like the people I know.

Nutured, watered and given sun
My garden will flourish too
New plants will arrive, others die
Yet life goes on, that is true.

I have many huge daisies
Which are sprouting up so fast?
The tallest one could be my son
Wanting to be first, not last.

The small one that blows in the wind
Is my daughter growing up?
Doesnít eat much. Is far too thin
Is often prone to flare-ups.

Iím the one in the middle
With damaged petals and leaves
Not really spectacular
But a favourite with the bees.

There are plants that look really good
But yet they have lethal thorns
We all know some-one like that
Who can be surrounded by ferns.

Others weeds wrap around trees
So difficult to get rid of.
You might know humans like this
But most of the people you love.

A garden can be split into areas
Like you, as you share your time
With families, friends and collegues
Life and gardens are just fine

Having a life like a garden
Most of the time is quite good
Plant life co-exists peacefully
Yet sometimes is misunderstood.

© By Doreen Hampshire (



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