The only face I like better than that
Is the lovely face of my "getting old" cat
Human faces can be kind or mean
Kid's faces are always dirty or clean

Expressions on the human face change very quickly
From healthy and well, to poorly and sickly
You can see them change from happiness to anger
From "things are alright" to expressions of danger

The human face can change every hour
And we are the only ones who have the power
To make it look good or make it look bad
To make it joyful or to make it sad

So keep a smile upon your face
For to keep a frown is a disgrace
No one wants to look like a troll
Remember, your face is the mirror to your soul

By susi (Texaswishr@aol.com)




Dreaming innocent, such beauty
Such a lovely young girl
The first face of women
Her golden hair in pin curls
But young faces blur and change
This then becomes a living face
So good to look upon, that face you made
Which is patience and tolerant, at a quieter pace

The face is now aged, courage in every line
A face that is ninety-seven years old
A serene face of an aged lady
Still lovely with a heart of gold
The face of the past, with winkles galore
She has been loved, but the lines they stay
For although time has taken away the bloom
Her golden hair has also turned to grey

This is the face of one who has done much living
Who did marry, and born children
She has learned the understanding of life
While making acquaintances with dying
She has worked hard and struggled
Knowing both success and failure
Been disappointed and received rewards
Yet has had so many adventures.

For life can be so frustrating
But also it is marvellous
So whatever she may have done
Her life may have been so gracious.
With courage, kindness and wisdom
These are all mirrored in the face
Of olden people who have gained
A special beauty, no one can replace

By Dee (traveller94@hotmail.com)




This human face stares off in space
Wondering about life's odd facts
Who put the oink in little pigs voice
Who's thumb was first pricked by tacks

Why does the owl call out who who
And which ant is last in the line
Did a safe cracker use saltine crackers
And who serves cheese with their Whine

This human face ponders off into space
About oddities we happen to see
What happens to a silent little one
When his Papa is a loud buzzing bee

Why does a flower have petals
Does it pedal a tandem bike
Or does it peddle it's wares on a corner
And what does that flower best like

Once in a blue moon a blue moon shines
But yet it is not the color of blue
When this human face ponders these things
She certainly has not a real clue

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)




am artist starts to draw a face
of a person who is running a race
his features are contorted in what looks like pain
and then it begins to rain

his face changes and a frown appears
he drops back to the rears
he keeps on running straining his legs
he comes upon those nasty pegs
he runs through them all
he does not fall
his face emits a great big smile
he knows now he can still run a mile

he finishes the race with sun shining bright
he comes in second using all his might
his face is aglow as he crosses the line
now he glows like mr divine

By Amy (fabulousfilly@aol.com)




Sitting on my green bench in the shade
tired, had been mowing all day
nodded off, soon seeing a face there
she smiled and I woke up

Who is or was playing a joke on me
I was nodding, surely not so
but the image of a human face
was severely there on my brain

Long drink of water, new half-stick of gum
looked up at one single cloud just to the north of me
who was she, what did she want
was she real or just happenstance?

Round face, straight black hair
mouth straight across, what color were her eyes
thought a second and then it was a long ellipsoid face
jutting chin and pointed nose, no couldn’t be right

Took off my cap, scratched my head
thought for a moment and closed my eyes
thin the face, down the corners of the mouth
steely green eyes, small beak nose

Took a deep breath and then laughed
small her mouth, she had no chin
skinny neck, cowl pulled tight
bucked and spaced yellow teeth

Was she a elfin, sprite or witch
was I just hot and a wee bit tetched
human face like that will scare anyone
then I remembered, it was Franz’s new wife.

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)




An eerie night it was, a storm was a brewing,
Mabel was wandering the house wringing hands,
“It’s awful to be alone on such a night.”
Gone was her only lovin’ man.

She reached to her face, and wrinkles felt,
Looked in the hall mirror and saw not a face,
“Oh, well,” she thought, “I’d rather not,
Know how many wrinkles, my age disgraced.”

How she wished her Charles back again,
He’d hold her tight, abate her fears,
All these days and nights alone,
She’d long run out of grieving tears.

“Oh, well,” she sighed, “I’ll go upstairs,
And wait for the storm to gather“.
She changed into her granny gown,
While she worried about the storming weather.

A lightning flash brightened the vanity mirror,
Where she got a glimpse of a lovely maiden
With Charley’s face as clear as heaven,
And his arms around that the unknown beauty.

Jealousy rose in her aging bosom,
Charley smiled and spoke of her human face,
“This is how I’ll always see you,”
Then he reached out his arms and they blew away.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)


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