~ Peter Cottontail ~

Peter Cottontail hops through field
Quail warming eggs in her nest
I think that Peter is Easter Bunny
At least out in the Southwest

Sunshine is warming the earth
The lake shimmers with glee
The wonderful thing about Easter
Is celebrating with my family

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)



~ Easter Sunday ~

First I went to church
Bells were ringing
chilldren playing
People praying
happy singing
Christ has risen today.

Back home for lunch
Family coming
Grandson running
Parents walking
Great gran talking
Lunch is now served.

We had a feast
Turkey was hot
Dessert is not
A crying tot
Child doesn't eat a lot
It went down well.

Relaxing time
Bingo for grandson
Happy when he's won
Hot cross buns
For everyone
Nearly home time

Wear warm clothes
North wind blows
It is so cold
we have had snow
steady as you go
Such an early Easter

The sky is dark
End of day
Child wants to stay
Guess what I say?
Family away.
Happy Easter Everyone

By Doreen Hampshire (hampshiredoreen@hotmail.com)



~ Easter ~

Chilly the morning, clear the sky
up so early, my oh my
don new clothes no way forlorn
Sunrise Service it is Easter morn

No time for breakfast or even a bite
all decked out arenít we a fright
can not be late, on this special occasion
Ma with a new hat, dad in a suit

Girls in new outfits, head to foot
me in short breeches, polished shoes
shivering and shaking dang the confusion
if I do not behave I will have man contusions

Pianistís fingers so cold lots of sour notes
choir all shaking, they too are cold
prayers so long, could fall asleep
sermon real good on this special day

Walk home fast, well just run
quickly put on some warm clothes
scrambled eggs, bacon and toast
ďDonít spill stuff on your new clothes.Ē

Hide the eggs then the hunt
hide them again and of course I lose
eat the candy, compare our baskets
hee hee, I did get more candy.

Big baked hen for dinner, even had some company
hide the eggs, run and hunt
knowing tomorrow we would eat egg salad
it was a yearly occasion, in celebration

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)



~ Peter Cottontail ~

here comes Peter Cottontail
sliding down Marilyns icy trail
he s got basket full of eggs
oh my goodness I hope his little legs

do not crumble or fall on the ice
the eggs would crack and that would not be nice

one lil problem marilyn will not have
the chocolate wont melt and feel like salve

the kids wont need brand new shoes
galoshes is the thing they will have to use

when they go on the easter egg hunt they will need a shovel
to find the eggs of their choice burried in the hovel

well this is all i have to say
Happy Easter Day

God bless you one and all

By Amy (fabulousfilly@aol.com)



~ An Easter Tale ~

A store bought Easter basket I never had
But we made ours out of oatmeal boxes and they weren't bad
We glued the lid on and made a handle
My sister and I worked by the light of a candle

We had a big house but the attic was our room
With no electricity, it was mostly in gloom
So we lighted our room with candle glow
And we worked on our baskets till the light burned low

We wrapped our baskets with colorful strips
Brought home from school in several trips
On the handle we would tie a bow
With material left over when Mama would sew

The grass was newspaper cut with Mom's shears
I'm sure the other kids would think them queer
But we loved them, baskets made with much pride
Then we'd take them downstairs to find a place to hide

We both believed the Easter Bunny would come
And fill our baskets with candy and gum
We'd wake up early and take the stairs at a run
Oh, Easter morning was such a lot of fun

There they'd be, full of colored eggs and jelly beans
A few "Peeps" of marshmallow, they were so keen
We knew the Easter Bunny was our Mom and our Dad
But those were the best Easter baskets we ever had

By susi (Texaswishr@aol.com)


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