Lacy edges on the creek bank
small blooms on the soft green moss
end of summer flowers
grandma called them

Up on the hill a unique sight
designed by frost
a varied patch of wild flowers
their beauty partially dashed by the cold

Trickle of water slowly gathering
from the frosty leaves
minute streamlet slowly
inching toward the creek
Up on the knob
a chill in the air
that sense of fall
cool nights and nice warm the days

Harvest baskets line the driveway
apple orchard sales
so many nice large red apples
place in sawdust, save for the winter

Brilliant red and gold show off
the large copse of red oaks
bright and many hues of yellow
dominate below

A collage of fall I beheld
the beauty seen by me
an annual affair
the marvels of mother nature

By Tom (


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