In the evening as the sun goes down
I stop and look around
purvey my realm, well all in my view
think of things and think of you

How went the day, anything gained
know something was lost
fading sounds of folks going home
how many with family, how many alone

Was it tea and scones or
stopped and bought some fast food
did they eat as a family or
grab a bite and do their thing

Thinking back about how supper
was sacred to my small family
sit and talk of the day
discuss the good and bad

When, so rarely company we now have
same rules do apply
no phones, radio, texting or TV
we just talk and discuss everything

Boring to the youngsters but
that is grandpa’s rule
he still rules in his own house
maybe old, but that is the way it will be

Shadows so long and disappearing
darkness and lights appearing
look about in the faint light
thanks for another day.

By Tom (


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