Members of the message board created poems of five stanzes, incorporating one word from the list below in each stanza. The words didn't need to appear in order.







Surprise At the Edge of the Ocean

I hear music rise from the bubbles,
Perhaps a mermaid sings,
So hauntingly refreshing
From clear and deep green blue,

How dainty are her notes,
As Beethovenís tributes to his children,
May I linger a while and splash my toes,
And listen perhaps to a chorus of her kind.

As seaweed floats across my ankles,
And little trickles add another part
Of high and harp-like melodies,
In harmony with her light composition.

Do I hear her bracelet spangles?
Or could it be a tambourine,
How angelic is this water music
From depths no one has seen.

And for those depths beneath,
One would believe Ďtwas heavenís gate,
Yet, beneath and below as enfolded in a cloud
Am I drifting in myth and mystical song.

By Norma (



At the Edge of the Ocean

On dainty feet she traipsed through the sand
Seeking pretty shells washed from sea to land
Placing them in a sack she carried in hand

Money from her father did wrangle
To buy some pretties to dangle
On each wrist was a spangle

Seaweed washed up on the shore
Waves brought it from ocean floor
Oh the shells she spotted some more

Music played from somewhere near
She stopped to listen to what she could hear
Musicians and a singer with voice so clear

She knew they were a band so great
Seeing them on the stage she opened a gate
Even though she was a little late

By Sharon (


What Makes Me Tick

I do love to listen to music
Except of course heavy metal
I love musicals and ballads
But Iím no rock chick, Iím special
Iím a dainty well brought up lady
Who enjoys the finer parts of life
Doesnít like been shouted at
In fact Iím a really good wife

I donít like eating weird stuff
But yet I love seaweed
For I love Chinese food
So if itís on the menu, Iím at ease
I love glamorous dresses
With spangles down the front
Makes me feel like a posh lady
And not like an old frump

My gate is tall and made of metal
Painted red, my favourite colour
I would not like it brown or black
For that would make my life duller

Dee (just tongue in cheek)

By Doreen Hampshire (


At the Edge of the Ocean

Celeste swam leisurely among the seaweed,
Smiling as the thin green ribbons,
Caressed her shapely mermaid body,
and mingled with strands of her long silky hair.

On the sand below, dainty starfish lay without moving.
They, like most tiny sea life, feared the bigger fish,
And the Octopus, with his far-reaching tentacles.
They hid among the seagrass and kept watch.

Today, a light breeze capped the waves with white.
The waves stirred the seaweed and the ribbons began to swirl,
Sending spangles of thin green bands across the water,
So it appeared as though the ribbons were dancing.

Celeste felt the rhythm of the dancing ribbons
And allowed them to seduce her into joining them.
She twisted and twirled as the ribbons mingled with her hair.
She closed her eyes and let the music claim her.

The dancing continued for hours,
And as it danced the seagrass became a larger mass in the ocean.
When a massive group of rocks appeared,
Cleste was exhausted. She told the seagrass goodbye
and swam through the gate that would keep her a mermaid forever.

By Marilyn-Lara (


An Evening Thought


Sweet Memories

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