Members of the message board were given a one word topic. The following poems are the result.


Beauty to Me

Beauty is only skin deep the old adage goes
pretty on the outside, but what is beneath?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder another says
ugly to you, pretty to me, never
the twain shall meet

But what is as beautiful
as a rose in the morning, with drops of dew
The quiet and idyllic scene
in early morning when all is still

Beauty of art of nature just plain
beauty of a young sleeping child
beauty or pseudo of a decorated room
or of art to your exact likening

Six letters, just two syllables
simple one way but I declare
so complex to the human eye,
in the real world

What is beautiful to you
may be garish and blaze to me
or vice versa on many things

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
so let me look and decide
now I am looking at roses with dew.

By Tom (




As I sat outside on this morn
Peter Rabbit hopped nearby
I told him he was beautiful
Under the morning time sky

He stopped and stared at me a bit
And seemed to listen to me
I talked with him in soft voice
Then he hopped off under a tree

A bird of beauty flew on past
And then a few others did same
As I watched Nature's creatures
A small Larry Lizard came

By Sharon (



True beauty is all around us
In everything we do
Beauty can be a smile on your lips
Or a brand new hairdo

Beauty is a baby
That has just been born
A bright blue sky
At early dawn

So much beauty all around
Like in the birds and bees
As well as a song
You can hear on the breeze

What about the sunset
Or a vase of roses
Beauty can be the weather
Or the hospital nurses

Beauty is free
Especially in nature
For God gave us these gifts
In flowers and creatures

By Doreen Hampshire (



Beauty is the writing on the messageboard;
Sweet talking to rabbits, beholding and expanding,
Refreshment at evening without drinking a drop.
You pour cups of good cheer whether knowing it or not.


Look in the magic mirror;
The one with the gold filigree frame;
There youíll see line and color,
And design rivaling Van Gogh or Cezanne,

Look long into the luminous eyes,
Jewel like, the longer you look, more surprise,
River and lake lines of vacation days,
Little mole hills where children played.

Thereís a magic beauty to dream upon,
In your heart and outside your window,
How good our Maker to make a world of beauty
And smart to make us to crave His beauty.

Experiences of long ago are beauties etched in the heart,
A desert of white sand, an ocean, green land,
All seen through our eyes with
Someone in love.

So, isnít it true if you believe it,
Thatís beauty in that filigree frame,
Thin hair and brown spots become flax or jewels,
Thatís you - Now tell me your name.

By Norma (


At Edge of Ocean

An Evening Thought


Sweet Memories

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