I'm a baby giraffe
who is proud to walk tall
But a baby cub says
He's the finest beast of all

Like the baby panda
who works her paws to the bone
When she is making a snowman
for she has been up since dawn

Well the meerkat has a few names
They stand guard over their homes
sometimes called Little Stick Tail
and that name is just one

that little new born baby lamb
has legs that won't obey
But if you just wait a minute
It'll soon be out to play

Look at that little monkey
His looks are not that great
But he's really very clever
and he will soon get a mate

But a Zebra with stripes
They suit him (mum says)
sometimes he wants to change
But he'll always look that way

Now he's the King of the Jungle
Not that cute, but maybe
Proud and fearles he is
He's not yawning, but roaring you see

By Doreen Hampshire (hampshiredoreen@gmail.com)


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