Chain of Love

Holding hands around the table
While forming a chain of love
Saying prayers before eating meal
Sending thanks to the man above

Chains of Popcorn

Christmas decorations hand made
Chains of popcorn strung for the tree
Santa's made out of light bulbs so cute
Green and red chains almost for free

Everything then was made on the cheap
Nothing was bought in the store
Still that tree was adorned very well
Decorations of all sorts galore

By Sharon (



My Daisy Chain

So vividly I remember
When we were free little girls
Loved to sit in the meadow
Threading daisies instead of pearls

They made our treasured necklace
Or even a princess’ crown
With tender admiration
They were riches of our own

A little later the chains grew short
We needed a wedding ring
While we wove this fine piece of art
The boys we chose, watched from the swing

Ever since, daisies stir a smile
The fingers now clumsy fail
To build a chain of friendship --
The smiles through memories sail.

By Purple Spirit ()


The Chain

Oh lord please spare me, set me free
for this ball and chain is killing me
worked so hard, tried I did
most everything she bid

Oh lord, set me free, let me be
let me walk through the roses, smell and see
let me be the man I always wanted to be
I know I did not follow thee

The chains have held me down
kept me from getting around
happiness I have not found
slaving and just hanging around

Oh lord please set me free
undo this big chain that I have born, not free
Let me walk in the wilderness, wade the sea
let me be the man I always wanted to be

I served my time, twice or more
lord I am getting tired and oh so sore
Free me up, let me be
or send me down where I should be

This chain that has held me down
no peace or solace I have found
Lords, let me lie down and rest
I beg of you, I am in no way the best.

By Tom (


A Locket and a Chain

Around my neck, I wear
A locket and a chain
I have worn it for so long
Now broken , what a shame
I always wore that locket
Only took it off to wash
such a golden colour
I felt so posh.

Well I found something else
Not a locket this time
It is a black and silver oval
on a silver chain
So I will get my locket repaired
once more wear it on my neck
and will not take it off
for my chain I will keep in check

By Doreen Hampshire (



A chain of command unspoken,
Curls and directs most every group,
And if you don’t obey that chain,
You’ll find yourself out of the loop.

So longing you are to grow your wings,
Though the next link is strong and unyielding,
Still, you must wait ‘til that opportune time,
Or barbs you’ll find you’ll be fielding.

But don’t be discouraged for patience you’ll learn,
And stirrup by stirrup you’ll climb,
One day you’ll find yourself at the top,
Gray haired, and old, past your prime.

But it’s peaceful in a rocking chair,
Making chains from fresh pine needles,
Teaching babes to make their chains,
On their way to their own life’s riddles.

By Norma (


So Still the Early Morn


At Edge of Ocean

An Evening Thought


Sweet Memories

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