The Easter Bunny Comes Out

The Easter Bunny came out today
Hopping away he showed his white tail
Tiny little thing he was so sweet
He was by the box that holds my mail

The neighbors yard is active right now
Roadrunner built a nest in their tree
Twigs in her beak as she hops on fence
Soon a baby roadrunner I'll see

Wonder if Cactus Wren will nest
In Cactus that stands in field out back
Each year they build nest in cactus
Protecting babies from straying cat

Spring breakers are gathering in town
Joyously enjoying time from school
Some being practical just for fun
Other's acting like idiot fool

Weather is warming will soon be hot
Spring has arrived flowers do bloom
Hummingbird and butterlies fly in
Blossoms to blossoms the zoom and zoom

By Sharon (


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