Ready Men?

Fire at Will!

Hey, I'm Will what did I do wrong?

By Sharon (




Dark the room at winterís end,
Though not gloom, a soft hope falls,
Firey embers pop in a worn fireplace,
While winterís memories begin to call.

Remember the kisses at the front door,
Children lying packages by the cinders
The fudge they made has all but gone,
But the laughter and gab in our hearts linger.

Winterís cruelty had its say, though
Its ashes cold, can no longer pain,
Embers turn to stars and angels,
Eyes drowse with wonder at the end of the day.

Then as bright crackles begin to wane,
They must find somewhere to live,
So they form the fire blossoms of coming spring,
Natureís healing to us give.

By Norma (



Burning Embers that Remain After a Blazing Fire in the Fireplace

While really enjoying the dancing flames
I like to sit after the fire is gone
The embers bring back memories
They crackle like the beat of a song

It's quiet now, 'cept for the wind
The pine tree branches swish and sway
I sit and gaze into the embers
And think back to yesterday

Memories, like the glowing coals
Fade in and out, some diasppear
Bright, then dim, and the ashes fall
Reminding me of the passing of the years

By susi (




Little niche in the rocks, wind and snow a lot
small blaze fire so bright, warm, surely are not
old black coffee pot slowly bubbling, smells good
stick bread slowly getting brown, knew I could

Two scrawny taters in the ashes
no big flame or instant flashes
big pile of pine needles in the lee
good warm sleeping place for me

Alone, alone, all all alone
here in the mountain, pine cologne
twisted ankle, ten miles to the truck
sitting thinking not too bad a luck

Eat my grub and drink my Joe
look at the small fire glow
nothing so consoling to me
than a fire, just you and me

Soon the fires will just embers be
then into my bed I will see
hope for sweet dreams I do
only wish it was here with you

By Tom (




When I was a teen
it was oh so keen
to go skating upon Italian lake
I would call everyday
just to see what the city had to say

was the ice thick enough
or would we be powderpuff
if we skated on the lake today
what did the city have to say

the ice had to be six inches thick
I couldnt wait i was having a hissy fit

oh boy at last it was time to skate
but wait
I sprained my ankle oh so bad>br? to the hospital oh so sad

then I went back to the ice-skating lake
to stand and sit around the bonfire they did make

they made it in honor of me
for you see
they knew how much I loved to skate
even though I was just second rate

I will never forget that bonfire
it eased my pain, and took me out of my deep mire

By Amy (


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