Daffodils oh Daffodils
How prettily you stand
Bringing springtime to our earth
Beautifying the land

By Sharon (




A glorious and wonderful sight
Greeted me at early light.

Nodding and swaying in yellow gowns
Flowers of beauty, just looking around.

This miracle happened overnight
Which was such a welcome sight?

These lovely flowers bring us cheer
As it tells us spring is nearly here.

New life is appearing all around
Song of joy and life, they do surround.

The daffodil shines, even when wet.
It is her season, let us not forget.

Seasons change, they are never still
But to see a host of daffodils
Gives us a thrill

By Doreen Hampshire (



Plucky we are, first faces to show,
Iris and lilies still hid in the snow.
Our color is of purest yellow,
Mimicking the sun, though the air still mellow.

“Daffodils,” how we love that name,
“Jonquil” doesn’t quite trill the same.
Daffodils breezes hum springtime melodies,
An “Ode to Joy” on cool paths and early spring days.

By Norma (


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