Holding you, being with you sends me into ecstasy
just you and I floating over the Nile, floating on a cloud
as the angels play
Forty-seven harps play our song
we lie on a cloud,
watching the world float by

Not a care in the world, just you and I
our love showing as we are one
green of the jungle, boats on the water
we are sipping nectar, holding each other
two people who have seen the world
two people late in life, so in love

Hello world the scene changes
now we are floating over the Rockies
floating in our love and dreams
just you and I as we have always wanted

A horn sounds, we come back to earth
we two old folks sitting in the park
you get your walker, I get my canes
slowly we head back to
the old folks home

But we have lived, we have dreamed
we were again in love and as one
so let life keep flying by
we are happy and satisfied.

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)




Bird bath with flower petals a floating
Along come Ring Neck dove to drink
She flys away and several Grackles arrive
Once they are gone Mockingbird sits on the brink
Oh look there, the bath is full of song birds
Splashing about in the greatest of fun
Once the birds' pool party is done that morn
Flower petals float again under the sun

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)




drifting, gliding on glassy seas
watching the clouds that form artistry
I watch it from my floating raft
relaxing and writing it is my craft

floating endlessly
on my raft across the sea
watching clouds go slowly by
dreaming dreams of apple pie

river rafting down the streams
will this wake me up from my dreams
strong currents running swift and cold
if I tip over will be so bold

awe at last
waters now smooth as glass
I was a wonderful bold lass
I surrived the horrific task

By Amy (fabulousfilly@aol.com)




When anxious thoughts have drained
And twisted into an over analyzing brain,
I must stop still and let that brain out to play.
And float into some unplanned way.
Thereís a picture a dogís new home today,
Where she can show her stuff off a mean chain,
Iíll float with her, look through her eyes,
As she has a great dane in her paradise.
Nosing each other they slept in a house,
Got surprise rubbings on her nose,
Felt loved and floating with her head in the clouds.

Then up this morning with some new special food,
Placed in a truck, thinks this was too good to be true,
Like me, she let her crushed mind go, but it wasnít long
Before she would know, her new masters were taking
Her right back home, a new collar, a new name,
To be their own, then tired from excitement, shots and fear,
She lie down as close to their shoes, to become dear,
And in sleep and safety she floated by,
So happy, so wanted, as high as the sky.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)




Lying underneath the cottonwood tree
It's furry seeds float downward on me
It's messy, but a delight to be
Lying here under the cottonwood tree

I close my eyes and watch my summer dreams
Rise above me while between the leaves the sunlight gleams
And I think of floating down quiet shaded streams
Under the arch of trees, all's right with the world it seems

Floating like the clouds in the sky of blue
None alike, different shapes, each one new
No troubles, just floating along, the earth to view
Floating is such a peaceful thing to do

By susi (Texaswishr@aol.com)


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