~ Easter Day ~

From out the front doors of the churches,
Ancient music would resound,
“Christ the Lord is Risen Today,”
Alleluia, the choirs abound.

“Up From the Grave He Arose,
With a mighty triumph o’er his foes,
Heads held high and chill bumps rise,
Sunshine rays on lilies through stained glass skies.

All sadness gone with tired shining faces
Of practice prepared musicians flowing
Robed pastor rememorizing his lines,
Looking up to the Lord bright tears glowing.

The smell of hot cross buns wafting through,
As cooks spread a brunch of many delights,
Children playing with the eggs they’ve gathered,
Little straw hats, little pants, wicker baskets, what a sight.

Cuddled together after a glorious day,
We look at the stars, wondering if they’ll sing,
“Christ the Lord was risen today,”
And we’ll never be the same again.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)



~ Easter ~

Before the sun has risen
Before the light of dawn-
I wake up Easter morning
Hide dyed eggs out on the lawn.

I scatter eggs of chocolate,
And Mallow bunnies too
I hide them, then you find them
The way your s'pose to do...

It is great fun -for the children-
Tiny gifts to make their day
But there's a bigger lesson
I teach along the way.

Those little things they gather
Are a symbol of MY love-
Far greater the gift given
By the Son of God above.

To save His wayward children
Who had faltered on their way-
He gave Himself upon the cross...
…Then rose on Easter Day!

To open up the heavens’
To the likes of you and me
And guarantee salvation
As his children’s’ destiny

By Sandy Lee (dewdotsag@aol.com)



~ The Easter Story~

Three crosses high upon a hill
A green hill far away
Three people hung upon them
On that day they called Good Friday.
Jesus was in the middle
A crown of thorns upon his head
Then solders beat and mocked him
Until his body gave up to death.

He did die, but then he was removed
Wrapped in linen and taken to a tomb
A large stone in front of a rock
His loved ones overcome with gloom
Yet early Sunday morning
A miracle did occur
For when they went back to visit
Our Lord Jesus was not there.

He had risen from the dead
And visited Galilee
He had told people he would return
But no one believed him you see
He first talked to Mary Magdalene
Then to his disciples who were weeping
Of course, they did not believe
For of course they were still grieving.

The Lord Jesus then rose to Heaven
And sits at God’s right hand
So now his spirit is within our hearts
Also in our lives and all over the land.

By Doreen Hampshire (hampshiredoreen@hotmail.com)


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