Hello world it is only I, yeah that old bearded guy
the one who is always walking about
watching, listening and taking it in
hello world I am watching as you pass by

Been up on the mountain and down to the sea
across the mountains and desert too
seen the people of all races and colors
but me I will just stay in Bumfuzzle

Hello stranger, how you be
would you like an apple and walk with me
we will listen to the meadowlark,
watch the red-winged black bird

Hear the hawks hovering overhead
watch the fox make his daily rounds
hear the blue jays fuss as they make their call
hello there, have you come to walk and talk

Hello morning, hello sky,
wowie look at the sun rise
stop and watch it slowly show
hello sun, it surely will be a lovely day.

By Tom (TOMWYO@aol.com)



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