A friend in need is a friend indeed
the old adage says
over the years that is indeed what I have found
you are a great friend if they need or want something from you!


friends, real friends are few and far between
lots use the word, know what I mean
next door neighbor, speak over the fence
know little about them, would not loan a pence

a friend is some one who is the same
through thick and thin
whether you have money or are
living in a pig pen

always there if given a call
help in any way, lift you up if you fall
takes you as you are
always near, never far

looks across at you as do very few
never looks down or render a mew
takes you as you are
and supports you by far

had only a few real friends in my life
I am a loner, me and the wife
that one I will call if ever really in need
he will come running on his trusty steed.

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)


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