When I was young, was it just yesterday?
I never gave a thought to today
I never thought about when it came
When I was young, life was just a game
Was that just yesterday?

Just yesterday I was only ten years old
And I was a tomboy and I was bold
I could run faster, and climb a tree
Fall off my bike and not cry at my skinned knee
Was that just yesterday?

Was it just yesterday when I turned into a girlie-girl?
When I wanted my braids to be hair that would curl?
I started to grow in places that the boys noticed
And I wore mama's perfume called "White Lotus"
Was that just yesterday?

It seems like just yesterday when I met you
And fell head over heels in a love that was true
But it's been years, and when I look at your face
It is the same, in my eyes, like time standing in place
No different than yesterday

I think it was just yesterday, but my memory is growing dim
He held my hand and smiled, and I said to him
"We've had so many years together, I don't want you to leave
But I know we'll see each other soon, so I'm not going to grieve"
It seems like just yesterday

Now he is gone and my mind goes back to yesterday
When we were young and so in love, nothing in our way
I know that life is turning around, my mind begins to strain
It's harder to remember things, my thoughts just go astray
And I live in yesterday

By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)


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