You know it's Spring
when the butterflies take wing,
and flowers start to bloom
which will be very soon.
Then it's Spring.

You know it's Spring
when birds start to sing,
The grass becomes green,
and bumble bees are seen.
Then it's Spring.

You know it's Spring
when flowers are dancing,
on land that is stirring,
with rainbow colours wearing.
Then it's Spring.

Springtime is a delight,
the nights are getting light
March and April's sunshine glow
showing nature's beauty
around to bestow
Now it is Spring.

By Doreen Hampshire (




Crocus and celandines
Aconites and snowdrops
Brighten every country lane
So take a look and stop

Rookeries alive with rooks
Returning from their winter rest
Very busy they are now
Building or repairing nests

Robin redbreast warbles
Singing to his mate
Itís unlucky to rob a robinís nest
Itís brings bad luck, a big mistake

Crows are also nest building
Of course they nest in pairs
Only one nest in a tree
ďDo they know which egg is theirs?Ē

Many foxes can now be seen
Mostly during the night
But we saw one at our nursery
And that was in the light.

Moles are also burrowing
For there are moles hills everywhere
Some-one must have let them know
That spring is in the air.

By Doreen Hampshire (



Buzzard day lands on March fifteen
The same day as middle son was born
We like to tease him on that day
He laughs and doesn't get forelorn
People give him stuffed buzzards
And sometimes a plastic buzzard toy
He's a grandpa now and we taunt him
Calling him an old buzzard with joy

By Sharon (



The wind has been a tad bit wild
Weather cold and not a bit mild
Birds are calling out to each mate
Hoping to set a Spring time date
A few green sprigs starting to show
Some ice melting creeks start to flow
Groundhog told us and early spring
All of the pleasure that will bring
Mockingbird trilling his love song
Quail chat to Quail come on along
Soon Lady Banks rosees will bloom
And sunshine will take away gloom
Gardeners planning what to grow
As soon as the ground has no snow

By Sharon (



children like the wind to blow
it takes away all the snow
they now can fly
kites into the sky
see how high
watch it until it seems to die

will the month come in like a lamb or a lion
if the childs kite falls to the ground he will be cryin

Easter sometimes fall in the month of march
the bonnets are all full of starch

the children hunt eggs on the green lawn
some teens stay up til the break of dawn

spring is for tulips peepin up
or for getting a child a brand new pup

for chicks and peeps whether real or marshmallow
chicks will always be nice for fellows

have a nice spring where ever you are
trees are blooming and the irish are at the bar

By Amy (



New green grass is sprouting up
Next to crocus and tulips
Happy that the snow has gone away
And they can bloom and pleasure everyday

No lacy ice along the edge of the creek
The water over the rocks sings and speaks
And tells of Spring elves who hide in the leaves
Who steal the pollen before the bees, those tittering thieves

Spring flowers are yearned for all winter long
They inspire poetry and tinkly song
To me, the First Day of Spring is the first of the year
That's when everything begins that is so dear.

By susi Taylor (


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