~ Memorial Day ~

A friend just passed away and this is a salute to him a man who worked hard, served and was my friend. He is gone, will he be remembered, will anyone care? After taps are played, the flag folded, the grave covered who, other than his family will remember, will care that he serve for 29 years? . . . tom

Another Friend Goes

stood in the back away from the family
stood holding my cap and scanning
wondering how it would be for me
wondering if anyone would show for mine

bugler played taps, lowered my head
remembered the Chief, knew him well
just talked to him a week ago
thought he looked bad, but he was smiling

twenty-nine years he wore the uniform
served his country wherever sent
unsung hero who worked in missiles
wife and family later he got to know

wore the uniform proudly he did
C B and I worked together
he served, served well
now he has passed, wonder where?

Good bye Chief Master Sergeant C B Winners

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)



~ Memorial Day ~

Memorial Day, remembering and planting day
Memories of those who have passed away
Are present and strong on the last day of May
In the cemetery where on the graves we lay
Our wreaths of flowers as our words we say
"We remember you always, not just today"

By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)



~ A Whisper ~

A whisper on the winds of time,
A call each soul must know
A summons from our Father,
‘Come child, it’s time to go”

And those that stay behind
The words of God console
For everlasting life
Was promised to the soul.

Is not so far they journey,
Is just beyond our sight
Just past the evening star,
They greet the morning light

They follow past the rainbow,
To the stairway and the gate
Where heaven choirs greet them,
And those they lost, await

And the angels blow the trumpets,
As they’re shown to the thrown
And the dine on fine ambrosia,
And such things they’ve never known

But in the plan God laid out,
Of each essence, some is given
A part of every person,
Stays in the heart of those still living.

For in each child, a parent lives,
And there memories still thrive
And as long as someone cares,
Their essence stays alive

Your memories conquer death,
For your loved one is still here
Forever, a part of every one,
Who loved and held them dear.

By Sandy Lee (dewdotsag@aol.com)



~ Memorial Day 2010 ~

Morning is falling in the land,
Far, far away in stinging sands,
Someone’s child is dying for me
While I sleep.

Officers screaming commands,
To children so brave in those lands
Someone’s child is dying for me
While I sleep.

Flags are flying with bands,
Salutes are raising with hands
Someone’s child is dying for me
While I sleep.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)



~ Ten Thousand Flags ~

ten thousand flage line one cemetery
to honor those who were so very
brave and stout
without a doubt
they gave their all
stepped up to the call
of duty honor and country
for the home of the brave and the land of the free

let freedom ring
let us sing
always remembering

those who died
those who cried
on this memorial day
raise those flags I say

raise them high
to the sky
wave them all around
for all those brave men on a dirt mound

God bless us all on this day
this is all i have to say

By Amy (fabulousfilly@aol.com)



~ Memorial Day ~

Memories of Mom, Pop, Darling niece who died so young, all the aunts and uncles who were a part of my life, and friends who went to war in Viet Nam and are gone. Perhaps the saddest was when a good friend lost her two year old to a bad accident. He was so full of cuteness and life, then he was gone. Memorial Day is for remembering those loved ones. Now my eldest brother is fighting two types of cancers and my only sister is on Oxygen fighting each second for breath with Emphasima. It makes anything else in my life seem petty. I have no right to complain when they are suffering so. Not sure if it is appropriate, but memorial day also reminds me of beloved pets that died. They were my family too. I just hope all those who have gone before me, realize that they are still loved and missed.

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)



~ The Bells that Toll ~

We hear the plaintive bell that tolls
The eagle sheds a tear
Old Glory waves in gentle breeze
And we live without fear.

Because they did, because they would
Because they gave their all
The heroes who gave us this land
Are not names on a wall.

Their someone's son or daughter
Someone who had to weep
Someone who's heart is broken
For the freedoms that we reap.

They're someone's special sister
Or someone's loving bro
They're someone we'd be richer
If we had a chance to know.

They're someone's darling sweetheart
They're someone's dearest friend
They put their all upon the line
This nation to defend.

And now they lie in rows so neat
Their legacy we mark
With stones that bear their name and rank
And stand lone vigil, stark

But in the hearts and in the mind
In every American’s soul
Will live forever- their sacrifice
-For them the bells that toll.

By Sandy Lee (dewdotsag@aol.com)


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