~ Mini Farm ~

Lulu lived with her parents and siblings on a mini farm. They had a cow, were raising a hog for meat, many chickens, a horse and some rabbits. Lulu was given a banty hen by a neighbor. She promptly named her Henny Penny. Henny Penny somehow found a mate in the neighborhood. She would disappear and nobody could find her. Lulu searched everywhere she could of which she could think. Her mother told her, that she might have been eaten by a predator. This made Lulu quite sad. But twenty-two days after being lost, Henny Penny appeared with twelve tiny chicks. Of course she wasnít allowed to keep them, so as soon as they were old enough to do well without their mother, Lulu had to find new homes for them.

Lulu had a dog that was about as mixed as you could get a dog. He was nearsighted, which made him a perfect match for Lulu who was also nearsighted. Ralphie, the dog could not see anything a few feet in front of him. She joined the 4-H and adopted a lamb to raise as her project. Mrs. Gleason, the 4-H leader, told Lulu not to let the dog into the pen with the lamb, as the lamb would panic and could become ill from fear. So Lulu was very careful about keeping the dog away from the lamb. But one day, Ralphie snuck into the fenced enclosure before Lulu could stop him. That lamb put its head down and bashed poor Ralphie against the fence extremely hard. Ralphie was hurting everywhere for a few weeks. He limped, if you pet him he cried from pain. But he healed alright, and he never entered the lambís pen again.

Luluís lamb was entered in a small local fair along with the projects of the other 4-H children. Lulu and her best friend were eating sandwiches and grooming their lambs in the enclosure. Three women went by and they heard the disgust in oneís voice as she said, ďThat is so unsanitary.Ē The girls giggled. Neither herís nor her friendís Lamb won, but they had a great time showing them.

Lulu like to ride the family horse. But he was an ornery horse. Lulu often found herself on the ground after being bucked off. She once was sitting on a hay bale near the horse corral, eating a piece of homemade cake. The horse reached over the gate, and stole the cake from her.

Luluís parents wanted to go camping, so they hired someone to take care of the mini farm while they were away. Lulu, her brother, and her sister, and their parents, packed up and left to go camping for two weeks. They took Ralphie with them. One morning quite early, some deer were grazing nearby the campsite. Ralphie started barking and heading in their direction. He could smell their scent, but he couldnít see them. His vision was worsening. The deer seemed to know he couldnít see them. They would just move a few feet and continue grazing. Poor Ralphie never did find them. A funny thing happened on the camping trip. Ralphie snuggled down next to Luluís motherís cot. Momma was sound asleep. She let her hand dangle down and touched Ralphieís fur. Startled, she jumped off the cot in fear. When asked what was wrong, she said a mountain lion had come near her while she slept. She thought it was a mountain lion. Everyone laughed and so did she when told it was just Ralphie.

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)


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