Please have the pleasure of meeting, Mr. and Mrs. Goose. Our dear feathered friends have been spending approximately two weeks with us each Spring since the year, 2002. I snapped their picture (mobile phone)on the 11th of March, 2013, on the day they arrived this past Spring. We do not recall what year they started their visiting our farmland but it was prior to 2002. My husband, Ward, each morning would feed them cracked corn and horse feed at our barn when he fed our horse, Banjo. Sadly, Banjo passed into Eternity in February, 2002.

We were surprised when the geese arrived that Spring of 2002. We heard them honking atop our we are here, maybe...and inquiring where is Banjo?, and no doubt asking for their feed. We considered them Banjo's friends. We think they knew he was not about because the two of them flew down from the roof and walked up to our house from the barn.

Since that 2002 arrival, and every Spring from thereafter, we have been feeding them in our front garden. At the time we had a defunct swimming pool near our house, that had turned into a frog pond....they naturally floated around in it during the day (they used the pond in the barnyard when they spent their days with Banjo), sunning themselves on the surrounding grass daily. We would note that while one was eating or napping on the grass, the other one would act as sentinel (be on guard).

Well, several years ago, we sold 3 parcels of land and the swimming pool sadly had to be filled in. In the Spring when they returned again, I could just picture their thoughts, e.g., where is our pond?!! Not to fret, they would rest in this area daily. We have two smaller ponds in our front garden where they go to wade in now and then during the daytime.

We love to view Mr. and Mrs. Goose come in for a landing, and again at take-off in the late afternoon/early evening. The two of them chat to each other, while getting ready for their nightly departure, returning the following morning (no doubt to a safe location for the night - due to our foxes). Slowly talking at first, then with a rapid communication, we know it is time for their ascent into the sky, honking all the way, flying side by side. This is beauty! I speak to them while they are in the process of getting ready for take-off ...."Have a lovely evening, sleep well, sweet dreams, stay safe, and we shall see you tomorrow morning."

For some unknown reason, Mr. and Mrs. Goose were here longer than two weeks this past Spring....they flew away for good, in May.

We learned from a friend of ours who is an avid food hunter....that geese live approximately 15 to 17 years. Thus far, our feathered friends have been able to come back each Spring since 2002, and even prior to that.

We estimate that Mr. and Mrs. Goose are 12+ years old. Now whether there is a new mate involved (as they mate for life), we do not know. Both appear to know us. They are not skittish.

It is naturally exciting to see our geese fly in each following Spring. We know it won't be forever because no matter how we look at it, nothing is forever. Hopefully, we will see them in the coming Spring of 2014. We think of them often and pray that wherever they are they are safe.

Nature is so splendid !!! We love all wildlife. We feed all birds, deer, raccoons, opossums, skunks, foxes, etc. We take care of feral/stray kitties. We have seven rescue kitties from our property in our lives, today (five are indoor kitties and two are indoor/outdoor kitties). We are most thankful and fortunate, we are able to live in our Pennsylvania 1730s farmhouse, enjoying all of the wildlife in Chester County.

By Dottie Kissell (


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