~ My Family ~

My family tree use to be much larger than now
But as time goes by, many twigs fall off the main bough
From Great Grandparents, to the smallest babe
From Palina Belle down to my grandson, Gabe
She was my Cherokee great-great Grandmother
The start of so many family others
My mother, three sisters and one brother had
My dad was one of nine plus his mom and dad
Mom and Dad had six of us, three girls and three boys
They treated us all as their pride and joys
The three oldest were born in different houses on the same street
in Aurora, Missouri, a small town that to me was so sweet
Two more born on Frost Street in Flint
My little brother in whose new born eyes, a mischievous glint
Was the only one in a hospital born
July 31, 1948 on an early morn
Growing up together was a wonderful time
We'd work at any job just to get paid a dime
We came out of the Great Depression
Where we learned responsible lessons
We never considered ourselves as being poor
Satisfied with what we had, not thinking of more
One Christmas present, one dish meal
When we were sick, our Mother would heal
Going to a doctor was an unheard of thing
From moaning and groaning, we would finally sing
We went to church and every meal started with grace
After mom made us all wash our hands and face
Our lives back then gave today's some form
Being part of a big family was just the norm
We should get together whenever we are able
At family gatherings around a food covered table
Let us keep our families close around
And let our family happiness abound.

By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)


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