Caleb rocked in his old vintage chair,
He closed his eyes and dreamed,
Out side his window it was oh, so cold,
A mew, a howl seeped through his window screen.

About him he pulled his heavy wool shawl,
The one Mary Lou had knit him,
And on the window sill he saw,
A cold lady cat abeggin’.

Caleb opened the window and in his Walter Brennan voice,
Hollered over the wind, “Come in here, Polka Dot.”
He called her that name because there was a dot
Between two toes of the front paw she’d got.

Caleb’s heart began to break,
He was a lonely man,
He’d tried to be useful all of his life.
Now his back was bent like a frying pan.

Polka Dot loved him, never left his side,
On another cold night, Old Caleb died,
When he was found there was a paw on his hand,
Polka Dot wouldn’t let go of her tender tough man.

By Norma (


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