It was so busy , Mrs Clause was helping
In the workshop with the elves of course
She looked at the workbench
where gnomes were working with an old fashioned saw
"ouch" a gnome had hit his hand
and wood shaving were all over the floor
Another gnome was using hammer and nails
But the next job, Mother Clause adored
It was adding ribbon and lace
to the dollies with blond curly hair
Then they had to be boxed
and put on the shelf near the bears

One of the last job to be done
with paint buckets and brush
was the painting of the wooden toys
and try to avoid the rush
Gold and silver glitter
Was all over the place
bits of string, screws and bolts
So Santa pulled a face
"It.s Christmas Eve, so hurry up
and get ready for our flight
Hope the reindeers are ready
For we will be out all night."

By Doreen Hampshire (




Santa's workshop so busy as a hive
Elves busy as Christmas is near to arrive
Sleds and dolls and soft teddy bears too
Little wood animals in toy land zoo

The shop has an old fashion atmosphere
No electronic things Santa made clear
If that is what you want then go to the Mall
My shop doesn't make those no not at all

A red wooden wagon made by elves's saw
A cotton stuffed tiger with soft cotton claw
For the imaginative these toys are made
Electronic things with Dad's check are paid

Santa with his body of such a great weight
May seem to some hopelessly out of date
But his methods are easy for someone to see
Children still wait for him with such glee

By Sharon (




Twas gettin close to Christmas way out west here
a wooden wagon with straw inside woul bring a child good cheer
santa snd his elves are working hard today
but mrs claus sure did her part by feeding the reindeers for santa's sleigh
She also baked a thousand cookies for the hard working elves
that make the toys and stackthem on all the workshops shelf

a child had asked for a dolly with curly blonde hair
and a boy had asked santa for a hammer and nails
and a fishing pail

wires with lights are strung by dads all across this land
lighting up their part of the world and and striking up a band
Christmas carols are sung with glee
as everyone decorates their Christmas tree
with ribbons and lace and fancy balls
everyone wants to deck the halls
so on Christmas eve when all the old saws cease
remember santas promise merry Christmas to all and a great good night and please
peace on earth good will to all
now go home from the mall

By Amy (




Iím rocking on my porch, enjoying the view,
And I see floating twilight clouds and activity.
What could this busyness be
Floating up high thrilling me.

Santa is kissing Mrs. Claus,
Their puffy white frames seem to laugh,
And I discern little elves around their feet,
Carrying a long trail of taff-y.

I see paint spilling, caught by brushes,
And wigs of curly blonde hair,
A sewing machine tatting lace,
And a little wooden high chair.

Each cloud is a busy station,
There are workbenches, hammers and nails,
Wood shavings fall like first evening stars,
Then the moon causes all to pale.

Ouch, my old head was dozing,
Oh, no, it was only a dream, but then
A big voice roared Donner and Blitzen
The Claus family riding on a big moonbeam.

By Norma (


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