~ The Simple Things ~

My daddy and my grandma told me many times
that the simple things in life were all so divine
a simple kiss good morning,while watching the sun come up
a pet upon the head of your favorite pet or pup'

a fresh brewed cup of coffee just to start your day
a kind word to a neighbor,as you go on your way
a little jingle that you hear
one that brings you lots of good cheer

the song a little things mean a lot
I still remember when it was bought
i took that record into that old booth at the store
played it so much I couldn;t play it anymore

another simple thing thats cool
is to follow the golden rule
no matter what your day brings
just follow a few simple things
life will just about fall in place
and you just may help save the human race

By Amy (fabulousfilly@aol.com)



~ The Simple Things ~

How simple, how quaint, sort of boring
they say of my way of life
no intellectual stimulation, no big problems
no snap decisions

Gone is the three piece suit and tie
gone is the uniform with the medals and bangles
gone are the continual meetings
gone are the quick analyses and instant decisions

Simple the life, oh if I could sleep in
No finite schedule but after years
certain things are therein ingrained
a modicum of rote and sensibility

Rise around five after tossing and turning
shoulder exercises and then a walk
after making the coffee and
of curse, checking the computer

Read the paper, eat breakfast
work the jumble and crossword puzzle
to the gym to lift weights
to the commissary to buy something

Supper between five and five-fifteen
National news, local new & Jeopardy
write or go for a bike ride
watch TV and to bed, ten or eleven

Simple the life, sort of droll
until football and basketball season
always watch motocross and supercross on TV
do some reading in between.

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)



~ Just Simple Things ~

I love simple things
which happiness brings.

Like a babies smile
which is so worthwhile.
A beautiful view
can have such hue.
A garden of flowers
after a sudden shower.
A butterfies wings,
such delicate things
A cosy fire
where I can retire.
Children around
with their happy sounds.
I’m happy each morn
when I wake and see the dawn
a loving family to share
my love and my prayers.
A world of peace
that would be nice


I love simple things
that happiness brings.

By Doreen (traveller94@hotmail.com)



~ Simple Things ~

contentment and self satisfaction are goals
how many reach them and go that way
not as many as would want you to think
after the rat race and the big stinks

stop and listen to a meadowlark
pause and listen to the red wing blackbirds
marvel at the clouds floating by
watch a caterpillar crossing the road

momma duck with her young
a vixen with all of her new kits
deer browsing in the woods
pronghorns just doing their thing

sit at the store and watch people
study their expressions
listen to innocuous conversations
of people who know nothing

just watch the leaves and small limbs
on a tree
the sun slowly rise and oh my
watch it set

Nature and its natural art
study the changing sky
listen to the call of the wise old owl
and none of them cost one sou

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)



~ Simple Things ~

Larry Lizard lazing in sun
Stars sparkle after day is done
Birds chirping in near by tree
Or soaring over for me to see

Children laughing across the street
Grandchild's hug ever so sweet
Peter rabbit and friends in play
That I wake up alive each day

The love of my spouse which shows
Glad that we never get cold snows
From some we love giving phone call
See my grandson so handsome and tall

Many simple things there are more
Life is full of happiness galore
One just has to look and to see
There is much in life for free

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)



~ Simple Things ~

A shower of rain
on my window pane
A tulip's new blossom
A playing dead 'possum
Doing breakfast dishes
Making up three wishes
Putting on fresh bed sheets
Watching the cars out on the street
A cooking show whether or not a repeat
As long as it shows me something to eat
A fresh mown yard smelling so good
A cord of newly delivered firewood
So many simple things give me pleasure
"Cause it's the simple things that I treasure

By susi (Texaswishr@aol.com)



~ Simple Things Make You Happy ~

My little white blur circling a treed squirrel or trying to demolish “blue boy.”.

My new, blue Snuggie I bought for $5.99 on sale.

A grandma’s smile when she finds she’s qualified for Christmas toys for the children who have been abandoned to her.

The smile of the first person I see after being in the house a few days.

Watching trees blow while I’m not.

The bowl of jewels of Christmas lights at the bottom of the hill.

Sitting in the dark living room except for the lights on the little tree and the wreath blinking.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir on PBS (simple for me, not so simple for them).

Sunny afternoons when I can read on the deck.

No snow!

Sunset colors behind black lace trees that rim the lake.

The homeless man who found a jacket to fit and a suitcase with wheels.

Every time the car starts with no trouble.


By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)




Quiet seeps into my pores,
with the soft cadence of waves
lapping the shore,
a lone fisherman sitting
at water’s edge, poles dangling,
looking as though he is not really
serious about catching anything.

An older couple holding hands
and the occasional jogger
pass me on the path.
Canada geese nest on sand,
some stretch their long necks
looking around and pecking the ground,
ducks floating, quacking,
trees in full sunlit greenery.

I tell myself I should leave
get on with my day,
but life has slowed down
and has a different rhythm now.

By Cottagelady (patience@bresnan.net)




All that glitters is not gold.
There is such a thing as fool's gold, I'm told.

The grass is greener on the other side.
This is a lie, I can't abide.

Simple pleasures and your own backyard is best.
Good values and character are worthy of your time to invest.

Yes, all that glitters is not gold.
Made in China is what's sold.

Back to the basics is my decree.
Good old USA products are best for you and me.

By Phyllis (Starbird55@comcast.net)



~ Simple Things ~

Enjoy the Simple Pleasures and Things you Have, Some Do Not and Realize After It is too Late That Money and Things Don't Buy Happiness......................

Red Christmas slippers and an easy chair,
Taking time to read the daily news, do I dare?

Young, rich, attractive, without a care,
Can I help it if people stop and stare?

I have a lovely home with plenty to eat,
I have these lovely dainty feet.

My hair is neatly coiffed in the latest style,
I have beautiful clothes, often left in a pile.

I am spoiled, but that is my lot in life.
I have it all, while others have strife.

After reading the paper and drinking my juice,
I went upstairs and hanged myself with a noose.

Getting everything you want in life doesn't make one happy; it is plain to see.
Having God's grace to enjoy what you already have does, and that is my plea.

By Phyllis (Starbird55@comcast.net)


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