So Still the Early Morn

So quiet and still the early morn
me I am smiling and just gazing
no cars or trucks yet out
so the noise is not there

Only the pump as it waters trees
not yet the early morning doves
but soon, oh how I smile
the meadow larks will begin to sing

Then the robins and smaller birds
as do those dang diesel pickup trucks
oh how the quietness prevails
on the wings of an eagle, I could sail.

Have a great day and remember this:
"You only have to do what you want to!"

By Tom (



So Still the Early Morn

Twas not still on this early morn
Several bunnies chased in mid road
Pigeons and doves headed up the street
A little ant carried a big load
Thirteen quail cross in front of our yard
Talking how quail seem to chat
Two ravens soared in the blue sky above
Cawing at this and that
It was slightly windy on this early morn
Limbs trembled on all of the trees
A helicopter rumbled over head
And birds flew along with the breeze

By Sharon (


So Still the Early Morn

See the shadows of night fall
Let your quiet heart recall
Not the troubles of the day
But all mercies on your way.
The gifts of nature bestowed
The friend you meet along the road
Cross off things you failed to do
Praise the wishes that may come true.

By Purplespirit



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