Lilacs and lace - like a sweet wrinkled face;
Redbuds in bloom spread their light perfume
Dogwoods 'side the road over there, their legend to bear,

Dandelions stand haughtily like dandy lions on a tear.
But it's Spring in Texas and not at all snowy
Colorful, sweet and altogether showy.
Bluebonnets tell of an Indian babe's doll.

Blackeyed Susans and buttercups call.
Paintbrushes swish in the breezes and paint
A gorgeous spring lanscape - we swoon and we faint.
We love Lady Bird for her "beautify" project

Come see us, Y'all - make your spring just perfect.

By Norma (




Daffodils and Hyacinths blooming,
Clover and purple weeds scream,
Please don’t pull me out yet,
Wait ‘til the grass is green.

Tiny balls line redwood branches,
Longing to pop out red,
Though that howling wind outside,
Tries chilling springtime dead.

Winter dies hard in March
Fights lovely spring with its ire,
Drought threatens fields and plants,
With fire, with unholy fire.

Incoming ornos hide where it’s cozy,
Did we all fly home too soon?
Or should we stay in Texas,
Wait ‘til Wyoming has room.

And I sit burning eco’s energy,
So ready to tell Winter goodbye,
While the battle outside rages,
I know he’ll lose it by and by.

By Norma (


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