November has arrived oh yes
Only one Halloween visitor to door
So that isn't much a problem
For us we have chocolate more

By Sharon (




Election Day, Election Day, I wish it were over and gone away
I much prefer to celebrate Veteran's and Thanksgiving day
Oh, and let's not forget the day I was born
I'll get up, get dressed in clothes that are warm
And go shopping, a present for myself to buy
Out to the mall, my limit's the sky
I'll go to a jewelry store and buy me a ring
And to a furniture store to sit on everything
I'll stop at the Hallmark and buy me a card
Do they have them for self? Oh, that might be hard
I want to go to Yankee Candle, Bed, Bath, and Beyond
And stop at Somerset to get my hair highlighted blonde
Ah, November is such a fun month for me
To do whatever I want and be what I want to be.

By susi (




November oh November please hurry
hurry for a week or two
let this election be gone damned spot
let us get on with our lives

Big football games, ripe apples
apple cider, apple jack
first snow, big asters
oh for the norm, for the usual

Thanksgiving and turkeys galore
eat too much, leftovers for a week or more
then the Friday kickoff, when frivolity reigns
when debts soar, savings no more

Alas, even afore Halloween, Xmas stuff out
shiploads of China stuff already in stores
Buy, buy, buy, spend, spend spend
save, save, save, I ask how?

What happened to November, fall time
turning leaves, warming fires, stew
heavier meals and woolens and flannels
family time, not cells and computers.

Alas I say, and be dang, at least
the election will be over!

By Tom (




I have stepped into November
Though an arch of gold and crimson leaves,
Tweaking my face warmly,
In a beginning fall breeze.

The world is changing courses,
As the season would seem to say,
I must read a book of philosophy,
To steady each passing day.

And those days fly as leaves spiral from the skies,
One hope is replaced with another,
As surely as cider and pumpkin pie,
We will adjust from cool to colder.

Bright scarves will circle around our throats,
Our lovers will cuddle closer,
Or we’ll struggle to remember that special dish,
So long ago served by our mother.

Jeweled skies, jeweled flowers earthy garments,
Pallets before night’s pushing cold,
Diamond crisp stars seem to touch our nose,
Cling, cling, to fall’s magic ere its cards must fold.

By Norma (




politics i detest
Thanksgiving is the about the best
leaves are falling all around
the temperature falling on frozen ground

birds gone south
so no chirping mouth
trick or treat
the kids go down each street

oh and dont forget black friday
oh how i used to dread that day
crazy people all day long
some even wearing santa hats and singing a christmas song

hurrying scurrying
to and for
the squirrels are hiding
nuts galore
this to me is what november has in store

By Amy (




The coming winter, mist and snow
With ground so hard, as hard as stone
I watch treetops as they sway
And hear the wind as it doth moan
Leaves are fading and falling
Winds are rough and wild
The days are getting shorter
And it’s very cold outside

So as the days do grow old
The flowers and leaves do sleep
Brave robin redbreast flies from his nest
To come out and have a peep
For Jack Frost might be out and about
As busy as can be
He comes out at night to paint a scene
But Jack Frost you will never see

Yet when frost covers the ground
I love to be near the fire
Walking in the cold and wet
Is not what I desire.

This is a typical November here in Britain.

By Dee (




The house on the hill looked over a valley splashed with the colors of an early fall.
Faintly, in the distance, caught on the breeze was a Whippoorwill’s call.

The silhouette against the twilight sky grew closer, as the bird landed in a nearby tree.
At peace with the landscape, fluttering wings rustled the leaves, taking to the air again across the valley and free.

The ancient hills weave their magic each Autumn like an expensive carpet woven in the colors of earth.
Giving us cause for laughter and rebirth.

Gathering her cloak of darkness around her, Mother Nature sleeps once more.
She will awake in the Spring with a new splash of color once more.

Like a tourmaline sparkling in the sun she will show forth her coat of many colors with a panoramic view.
It will be another season before she will take on yet another hue.

To everything there is a season "the written word..."
Now a hush of silence over the land drops like a curtain, and not a sound will be heard.

By Phyllis(


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