Gentle breezes of a Summer afternoon waft through my mind.
Where else but home could you find such a delightful way to unwind.

Never mind the beach or the crowded restaurant down the way.
A lovely lemonade on the screened in deck where in a deck chair I lay.

Book laying across my lap opened to the page were I was reading,
Eyes closed listening to the dogs gentle breathing.

Birds chirping in the trees underneath a blue sky,
Makes a person contented enough to emit a blissful sigh.

Hum of a distant mower and laughter of a child in a yard down the street,
Lends itself to distant scenes of other Summers where on the porch friends did meet.

Peace and tranquility fill the summer afternoon,
Until its time for Supper and things to do inside.
Make mine Watermelon and chicken Southern fried.

By Phyllis (


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