This shop I saw at Whitby
It was like a treasure trove
Just peep through the window
And you will fall in love


With noses pressed on window
And sixpence clutched in hand
It was more than just a sweet shop
For to us, it was fairy land
Sweets were now un-rationed
Since the year of fifty-three
Jars of all shapes and sizes
Goodies, such a large variety

Bars of McGowan’s toffee
Plain or chocolate covered
We got so much for our money
That is what we all discovered
Lots of liquorice around
Pipes, wheels, and bootlaces
Pontefract cakes were favourites too
You should have seen our little faces.

Dolly mixtures for the young But Gob stoppers for older kids Chocolate limes and aniseed balls And yellow kali in jars with lids Swizzles (lollies) in yellow and pink Chewing gum, and pink bubble gum See who could blow the biggest bubble Messy, but we did have fun


It was a magical memory tour
Just looking from the outside
Yet it was an ordinary shop
That I saw at the sea-side.

By Doreen Hampshire (



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