Darla wanted something special for Christmas. It wasn't for her, it was for her baby brother. Things were rough around their home, as her father had lost his job to downsizing.

Her three year old brother really wanted a tricycle but Mom and Dad said they couldn't afford it. She had asked the mall Santa if he would get it for Luke, but of course that Santa wasn't real. Darla had written to Santa at the North Pole. She had posted the letter in the mailbox at the corner of her street. When she told her mother this, her mother asked her where she got the stamp for the letter. She admitted that she didn't put a stamp on it. That was when Mom explained that a letter couldn't be delivered without a stamp.

Christmas was nearing. Darla had no idea what to do about getting Luke his tricycle. Then as she was waiting for the school bus to come pick her up, she had an idea. So after school, instead of getting on the bus, she started walking to the train depot. She would ask the Christmas train engineer if he could take a message to Santa.

When she got there, the train was already pulling out of the station. She ran to catch up with it. She grabbed a handrail and pulled herself up into one of the cars, just as the train sped up. She tumbled into the car and had to sit there as it was going too fast to attempt to get to the front of the train. She didn't know what to do. She started crying.

Soon the train was racing out of town towards the North Pole. She was cold and hungry by the time it arrived at Santa's work shop. When it came to a stop, she climbed out, surprising the elves who had come out to load it. They saw the tears in her eyes and they saw how she was shivering. So the took her inside to meet Santa.

Mrs. Claus came with a plate of cookies and some hot cocoa. While eating and warming up, Darla explained to Santa about the tricycle for her brother. He said he would see that he got it. Then he asked what she wanted for Christmas. When she said nothing for herself, but perhaps a job for her Dad. Santa was impressed with the ten year old's kindness.

In the meantime, Darla's parents had called the police to do a search for their missing daughter. Everyone in town was looking for her. Everyone was worried. But they needn't have worried.

Santa decided to make their town the first on his agenda. He had Darla get into the Christmas train while the Elves packed the cars full of toys. Mrs. Claus wrapped warm blankets around Darla. Then Santa sent the train to it's distribution center. By the time it got there, Santa with his sleigh and reindeer were already there. When he set out for Darla's town, his sleigh was filled with toys, and Darla sat right in the middle of them.

As most of the adults were still outside searching for Darla, they all were amazed to see Santa arrive, with toys and Darla. Darla and the town's people helped Santa deliver gifts to each house. Then her parents tucked her into bed with hugs.

The next morning, Luke was thrilled with his red tricycle. And under the tree was a pretty new coat just for Darla. While attending Christmas service at the church, the pastor made an announcement, telling all that a new factory was going to be built just outside the town's limits and they would be needing workers. Santa had made good on promises to Darla. Her Dad would be working again soon.

By Sharon (




Ho ho ho away we go
all aboard to the North pole
see Santa Claus and all his elves working in the toy factory
it will be loud so be careful to cover your olfactory
hurry please do not be lackey
elves are at their benches hammering away
pounding blocks and toys together as they sing and sway
other elves are wrapping,
busily snapping
no one is to be napping
as the toes of the elves keep in tune by tapping

chug-a-lug-chug-a-lug, clickity-clack
up and down the track
model trains used to be number one
on the list of santas things to be done
ones with smoke or whistle sounds
ones that go round and round

all aboard for the ride back home
did you all have fun where you did roam

Santa and his elves wish all a white
Christmas with snow
wherever you go

By Amy (




All aboard! All aboard! The familiar refrain,
From the conductor of the Christmas train;
Moppets’ noses pressed on window panes,
Seeing the sights blur by.

Snow pillows on rooftops dotted with reindeer feet,
Birch trees, evergreens, holly and red berries,
A white steepled church with bells waiting to be rung,
For that man whose belly shakes like a bowl of cherries.

Carriages and automobiles mingle on the streets,
White plumes of smoke fog all from red chimneys,
Red velvet seats make us all feel rich looking at
Farm house windows sporting ropes of greenery,

Months ago we began to plan for
This annual grandparents bound journey,
Can’t wait to see their Christmas tree,
Drink chocolate, eat cakes of honey.

Chuff-Chuff, clickety-clack rhythm
Lulls us into holly dreams,
Filled with Ho Ho Hos and “Silent Night,”
‘Til we arrive in back home moon beams

By Norma (




As a boy we lived on the Norfolk & Western main line and back then we had four eastbound and four westbound trains that stopped in the village each day.

All the rich folks in Roanoke every Christmas had a special Santa train and we kids would stand on the side of the railroad and wave as it came from Roanoke and down to Lynchburg where there was Santa and big party. Of course we never got to ride it.

But when I was in Saudi Arabia my wife and sons lived in Roanoke and she took them on the Santa train; dang made me feel good that they had the chance.

By Tom (


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