I saw this lonely flower
Sprouting from the ground.
It really was a miracle
For guess where it was found?
Not in a beautiful garden
Or a colorful flower bed.
I saw it on a rubbish tip
A beautiful shade of red.

Everything near was colorless
Dirty and smelly too.
Then I saw the flower
What a fantastic hue.
It was a beautiful rose.
Was it from a seed?
Did a bird drop it?
While it was having a feed?

No matter how it got there
Among the rubbish tip.
It made a bright display
Where the flower now sits.
So if you think your life is dull
Just take a look around
And think about that lonely flower
Just sprouting from the ground

That poor lonely flower
He is now all alone.
Among the dirt and rubble
Itís not really his home.
It made me feel so humble
And quite teary too
For I felt a tear drop
On the petals, just like dew

By Doreen Hampshire (hampshiredoreen@gmail.com)


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