I see them lying side by side
in a black and white photograph
taken from the picture album,
now in a frame and kept by my bedside.

They are on a blanket on the beach,
young, smiling at each other,
comfort, happiness and contentment
radiating from their faces,
and closely touching bodies.

This is how I like to remember them,
sharing the good times,
talking, laughing, enjoying the
simplicity of daily life.

And I donít want to forget their dancing,
so graceful together, he so tall,
she rather small, but always moving fluidly
in perfect unison to the music.

I donít like to recall
how the years took their toll
and that picture perfect look away,
replacing it with sadness,
poverty, disappointment,
loneliness and illness.
It just should not
have been that way.

By Cottagelady (patience@bresnan.net)


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