Spring! Spring! Beautiful Spring!
The years I thought I knew everything
I was playing baseball with the boys
I was giving up all my childhood toys
And learning what it was like to be a teen
Or, as it's known now, as a "tween"
Those years were fun, but they came to an end
And Summer was just around the bend

Ahhh Summer, hot, humid Summer
Just turning twenty was really a bummer
But in my twenties, ready for life
Having a career, becoming a wife
Children ahead, my head's in a tizzy
Watching them grow, I was never so busy
Seeing them grow up through the years
Brought so much laughter, so many tears
They grew up, moved away, and Autumn was here

Ohhh Autumn, colorful Autumn
An empty nest, a quiet house and yard
No one told me it would be so hard
But the grandchildren came and then the noise
There were four pretty girls and three handsome boys
They grew up and had children of their own
Everyone doing their own thing, we were alone
Having meals at a table with no noise around
Then Winter came with snow on the ground

Cold and white Winter, nights by the fire
Wrapped up in our afghans, warmth, our desire
Scents from the kitchen, but meals for just two
After supper, dishes done, there was just me and you
And back to our easy chairs, the fire was burning
And both of us thinking thoughts of family returning
These are the seasons of the lives we live
And to each other the love we give

By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)


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