Can you smell it? It's the scent of September
The flowers and the trees give off their own perfume
Each year I try to remember if the flowers
Fought themselves to have the sweetest blooms

Can you feel that? It is the gentle touch of September
The breeze comes from the west in lazy flow
It caresses my arms making me sigh with delight
As soft, the night breezes blow

Can you see that? The sun of September
Seems brighter, yet is more diffused
Makes the shadows darker and longer
But makes the sky so much more blue

Can you hear that? It is the sough of September
As it blows thru the trees coloring the leaves
It is the sound of jar-flies buzzing
Of Mourning Doves as they grieve

Can you taste that? It is the feast of September
Harvest time foods in the roadside stands
Mouth watering thoughts of the holiday foods
Meals made with family hands

Don't you love it? The month of September?
When all of our senses are felt at the same time
But this glorious month is too soon over
And the chill of October begins to climb

By susi Taylor (


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