There was a time, so very long ago
When I wanted so badly, up to grow
To not be treated as a child anymore
To be an adult and close that childhood door

When I was eighteen I was the cat's meow
I wanted everything, wanted it NOW
But everything came to me in time
As up the ladder of life I'd climb

A dozen boyfriends came and went
On love my time was wasted and spent
Then all of a sudden, I was mature!
I found adulthood hard to endure

But again, along came love, at least I thought
And into the marriage game I bought
A child later, our love died, of course
What followed then was my divorce

I raised my daughter and taught her how
To not expect things to come to her NOW
She grew to be pretty and fancy
And I love her more'n life, her name is Nancy

Named for "Nancy With the Laughing Face"
She grew up to be lovely, with style and grace
And a smile that lights up the world around her
I hope she knows that my love surrounds her

By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)



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