I like the things you do for me,
as nothing is too small.
You are my lover and my friend,
and I am walking tall.
I count myself as lucky
to have a husband like you.
You are always there for me.
no matter what I do.
44 years we have been wed,
and you have been so true.
so my message for you
on our Anniversary is
"Brian, I love you".

By Doreen Hampshire (




My Valentine has left me alone
I miss him on every day
He stays in my heart and memories
He was my sunshine ray

Some days I wish that I could join him
This is not a decision for me
God has deemed I remain on this earth
With my loving helpful family

My Valentines are my grandchildren
And my adult children too
I sure do wish that my spouse was here
His going before me I rue

Happy Valentines my departed spouse
I miss you with all of my heart
So sorry that you are not with me
I thought we would never part

By Sharon (



It's Valentine's Day
Should I send it, should I not?
So many years ago
I was in the very same spot

Ninth grade crush on you I had
But couldn't let you know
You had your eye on another
But my love continued to grow

The years went by in such a rush
Graduation came and went
All thru that time I kept that crush
But my Valentine I never sent

We both married and stayed that way
We'd see each other once in a while
In a grocery store, at church on Sunday
Say hello and you would always smile

I loved my husband, you loved your wife
And fifty years went past
Then all of a sudden, as happens in life
They were gone, tho' our love for them would last

But then one day, just out of the blue
At the store, we stopped and talked a bit
Then again at church, we sat in the same pew
I knew I'd never gotten over it

After service I invited him over for dinner
He came and we talked over old times
I was almost back in ninth grade, felt like a beginner
And bells of that old crush begin to chime

We saw each other often after that day
I never told him about my crush
But we fell in love, for me the same old way
And I sent that card in a rush

The very next day, one came in return
And I knew that it wasn't a whim
It was the Valentine for which I yearned
Asking me to marry him

By susi Taylor (



So many things in my memories
For my deceased Valentine man
Itís almost Spring and he wonít be
Planting his vegetable garden this year

He isnít outside trimming the trees
He no longer massages my feet
Or teasing someone with humor in eyes
Or checking the weather rain gage

He isnít in the kitchen making cookies
Nor is he watching his favorite shows
He isnít talking on phone with our sons
Nor is he teaching neighbor child things

No my Valentine is not here with us
But in a way he really still is
For he will forever dwell in our hearts
And memories of his life here on earth

By Sharon (



I remember a box of candy
and a bouquet of roses. Red
they were, with a ribbon of white.
I remember we went skating
at Flint Park that night

I remember holding your hand
and you looked at me. Sweet
you were, with the bluest eyes.
I remember the ride home
under cold, midnight skies

I remember your kiss goodnight
and it was so hesitant. Tender
you were, t'was my first kiss.
I remember I fell in love
I never knew such bliss

I remember, it was long ago
and in the wintertime. Warm
you were, you held me tight.
I remember, "I love you"
It was a magical night

I remember your face today
and it has never changed. Not
for me at least, and never will.
I remember my first love
You are that love, still

By susi Taylor (



I send thee red roses, my love.
Wilt thou be mine?
How I do love you,
Until the end of time.
I shall love thee with a passion
and I'll gladly give my soul.
If you'll be mine for ever,
until we both grow old.

By Doreen Hampshire (



Tomorrow for you I will find,
The most perfect of Valentines.
One that will say explicit to you,
The things that I wanted to.

Never could tell you how dear you are,
And now itĎs too late, you are afar,
Afar in your mind but still with that smile,
That warms anyone it falls on a while.

Iíll sign that perfect red hearted card,
ďYour NeighborĒ with a pen firm and hard.
But right before that Iíll write ďI Love You,Ē
Simple three words, but oh, so true.

You can pass your card around to your new old friends.
I can just see you now with one of your grins.
Itís okay that you donít my name recognize,
Just thinking of you happy will bring tears to my eyes.

So tomorrow I will take my time,
And find you the prettiest Valentine,
One that will say Iím missing you,
One that will whisper ďI love you.Ē

By Norma (



Nothing better than a lover
When the lights are low
Nothing better than a Valentine,
To shoot Cupidís bow.


Thank you Old St. Valentine,
For inventing a day for romance,
To set a heart on a gentle wind,
To blow love and hugs and dance.


For the life of me I canít think,
Of a Valentine without red or pink,


You are so cute in your heart shaped toes,
Your circling skirt of red and pink clothes,
Youíre my little girl for a year or two,
ĎTil you discover romance with a fella or two.


Valentineís Day is a loverís day,
You are my lover, and
Iíll keep it that way.

By Norma (



Soon we will clebrate Valentine's Day
It will be our fiftieth by the way

many times we shared candy and flowers
even used to talk for hours and hours

as the years went by
my oh my

some years you bought me stuffed animals and cards
you once even quoted like a bard

I kept your cards and a few of the gifts
I take them out when we sometimes have a rift

I know you love me and I love you
so Happy Valentine's day let's coo 'n coo

not this year. You have a cold, so it may be an "A-choo, A-choo!" "}

By Amy (


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