~ UP in the CLOUDS ~

Among the clouds
Feet never on the ground,
Missing points, forgetting things,
Always stumbliní round.

Itís kind of fun up in the air,
Looking for keys, fighting a sneeze,
With no rain coat,
Floating around, unprepared.

Getting lost on the road
Fun on a different path to the store,
At least seeing new scenery,
Oh, yes, did I say that before?

Did I buy that on my card or check,
The bank is wrong, I know,
Well, thatís what youíd expect,
From child tellers, not even grown.

Up here in the clouds I wear
One shoe of brown, one of black,
Well, donít ask me to explain,
I was worried, cut me some slack.

Forgive the snarls in my hair
I once wore in a pony tail,
A free spirit up in the clouds,
Floating, I can never fail.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)




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