Members of our message board were given a list of words and phrases from which they were to write to.

bottled water


country sausage

Veteran's Day Parade




Vendors at the Veteran's Day parade
A bottled drink for which she paid
Curls flutter around her cute face
As she watches paraders pace
Aroma of country sausage yummy
She bought some to satisfy tummy

By Sharon (




She went early for the Veteran's Day parade,
Carried her quilted flag tote,
A bottled drink,
and a warm hat in case her curls became unruly.

The sidewalks were full of parade goers.
Some sat in chairs at the curb,
Others stood in the back,
Nearly everyone had a small American flag to wave.

She found a spot in front of the town's only country store,
But she nearly went to find another spot
When she got a whiff of the sage
coming off the country sausage that was being grilled.

Several around her were already having a sausage sandwich
and she wanted one.
But here came the first float of the day:
A group of Vets riding on an open-bed truck.

She added to the applause as the float passed by.
Then there was the town's marching band.
What a wonderful day for a parade, she thought.
The fresh air and sunshine had done wonders for her appetite.
By the time the parade was over,
She'd had her sausage sandwich.

By Marilyn (




A young wife tucked her in, cuddled in her tram,
Amid fall colored leaves all aswirl,
A bottle drink with nipple pink,
Lie beside her blonde tossy curls.

Under the elms, jogger and tram,
Ran and rolled through Smalltown, U.S.A.
Wanting to see the Veteran’s Day parade,
In honor of young daddy fighting far away.

They would stand at the end, neath the Reviewing Stand,
Where grilled sausage smells filled the air, and
A heavenly welcome home breakfast she’ll help prepare..
When old and young Vets end their marching there.

The tears in her eyes, turned to an unplanned surprise,
As daddy cradled his face in her own,
How could that be, but yes, it is he, the
Veteran’s Day Parade brought daddy back home.

By Norma (




When I was a small girl
My hair was long and I had curls
I used to wear a ribbon
And loved to twirl and whirl

so when it was Veteran's Day
I loved to see the parade
I would wear a lovely dress
One that Mummy had made

I always took a bottled drink
usually just plain water
for we always stood for quite a while
And there was always lots of chatter

But we all waved and clapped
as the parade passed by
some people saluted them
While other people would cry

Then we would walk home for tea
A special treat of country sausage
We all were really hungry
As we ate them all up with potato and cabbage

By Dee (




Oh I remember the day, oh the joy that was spread
a boy in a small village I was, just wanting a bottled drink
n’ pulling the curls of Kitty Buford so cute
feeling oh so good that day

Over a half century ago, now I am also a veteran
and hope all do show and give respect
respect to those who served and the ones that gave their lives
help keep us as we are, open and advantageous to all

November means fresh country sausage to some
that was the breakfast for so many years
country sausage, biscuits and gravy
before we went to town to the Veteran’s Day Parade

All of the old vets trying to march along
scraps of uniforms and VFW forage caps
even the National Guard, starched, pressed with polished boots
American flags we waved, me I wanted to serve

The WW I vets are all gone along with most WW II ones
always dressed to a tee, proud of having served
now just a mélange of scroungy ones
none seeming to bear much pride.

Me I do not take part, uniform still hanging in the closet
but with pride I cheer and wave, me the old bearded one in the back
Remember them all, remember them well for they all served
doing this country well.

By Tom (




As I walk out in this heat I always carry a bottled water drink. It is usually water, which is good for the body and soul. I do not have curls I have straight hair that will not stay curled.

After my walk I will have country sausage and then shower, change, and am off to the Veteran's Day parade, honoring all veterans from past to present. It usually lasts an hour. Then I will go home and maybe take a nap.

By Amy (


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