An old lady sits in a chair and waits,
waits for two hours or more.
Everytime she hears a noise,
Turning she looks at the door.
She always sighs as she sits and waits
It's sad to see each day
Always waiting for a telephone call
Which never comes her way

Where are her friends and family,
The old lady wants to know.
why does no one visit her?
No one is really sure.
They know she has a family,
As some one pays her fees.
But when she talks about them,
No one takes any heed.

She gets a card at Christmas.
Maybe a Birthday card too.
The message says"we'll see you"
But they never, never do.
Just because she is old and frail,
They had her put away.
But she still sits in a chair and waits,
Every single Day.

By Doreen Hampshire (




I waited all day for the phone to ring
i checked it and checked it I listened for the ping
I picked up yes a dial tone I heard loud and clear
now if only I could hear

the ringing of the contraption
on no it takes batteries, what a distraction
a phone which needs batteries
oh I see I see
woe is me

now it has batteries
lets see lets see
will it work
I guess Im a jerk

heck no calls came
guess I am not in no ones hall of fame
pay a lot each and every day
just to be able to carry it as i go on my way

no siree I am sick and tired of this phone
what did we do before we got attached to a tone
we went out and did the things we liked to do
like shopping and taking a bike ride with a few
friends of ours,and stop to eat
no phone call would interupt our fete
no wait a nano second I have to take this call
Lord who invented cell phones,why do we need them at all

in yesteryear
we were of good cheer
if we got home and received a call
we would chat for little while standing tall
then say goodbye once and for all

from ma bell to at and t
woe is me woe is me
back then you could take the phone off the hook
if you were busy dusting your little nook
if you didnt want to be bothered that day
just unplug the princess phone,be it as it may

a little peace and quiet in your little house
get ready for a bath take off your blouse
have a bubble bath leisurely of course
or go for a ride on your horse

phones I guess are nice at times
but seriously most have been upset sometimes when they contiunue to chime
anyway thanks for listening to my rant
cell phones not for me i chant i chant

By Amy (




I have an answering machine
So all of my calls I do screen
I get so tired of answering calls
That have nothing to do with me at all

Vote for this one, or vote for another
Buy this or buy that or something other
You can always tell when they hold out a tin cup
'Cause when the machine comes on they just hang up

If I get tired of waiting, then I just leave
Then if I miss the call I do not grieve
I'll call you back when I get home
Provided you've told me you telephoned

By susi (




Once upon a time I arrogantly said,
Iíd not have caller ID - Iíd be dead,
Iíll live with my rotary,
Thatís what I said.

Though on a shopping trip I walked around,
Saw a fancy cordless with a tiny little window,
So little I could hardly see,
But it got the better of curious me.

So I shopped and found a bigger ID
And from that day on I was hooked.
To me ID meant Iíll be free
To talk or not after I looked.

I carry that thing in my apron pocket,
But with my ears I scarce hear its ring,
And fumbling along like I always do,
I finally find the flashing message it brings.

Somehow those who do want me get through,
The doctorís little nurse leaves her voice,
The rest hang up, I see their numbers,
I love ID now - itís my choice.

By Norma (




She unlocks the front door, steps into
a silent living room, shaded by dusk,
a lamp shines dimly in the far corner,
the cat winds around her legs
mewing softly.

She drops her purse,
hangs her coat in the hall closet,
and hesitates before heading
toward the bedroom where
the telephone is on a small table.

She wonders if he has called
and left a message,
she wants to go in but
as long as she doesnít
the probability wave

has not collapsed into reality,
sheís Schrodingerís cat in the box,
not knowing what the future holds,
she waits and vacillates
one more moment in the doorway.

She gradually enters the room
averting her eyes from
the answering machine, then
unable to bear it any longer,
she looks up,

only to see a large unblinking
red zero on display, no messages,
She sits silently on the bed
and takes several deep breaths,
undecided whether sheís angry or grateful.

By Cottagelady (


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