slowly, oh so slowly the wooly caterpillar crosses the road,
why is it you seem to see them crossing the road?
wonder if they ever get there and where are they going?
how did they get on this side and why are they going there?

an old adage says wooly caterpillar has light coat,
mild winter, heavy coat, bad or heavy winter.
stand and watch him slowly, ever so slowly move,
again wondering, where are you going?

is the corollary the coming weather
slowly moving to some predestined place?
what will he do over there?
shake my head and set off at a brisk pace.

come back half an hour or more later,
cannot find him, where did he go?
no cars or vehicles have come up the road,
where is my wooly caterpillar?

life is a slow and arduous journey,
from birth, not knowing from where we came,
to death years, decades maybe a century later.
is the corollary the long human life?

we do not know where we came from,
do not know where we are going.
so all of our lifetime is spent
trying to learn and figure it all out.

if we get there will we know?

By TOM (

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