A New Season

Yellow rivers of daffodils
And trees that blossom overnight
Multicoloured ribbons of crocuses
Are poking their heads to the light
Everywhere there is new life
And clocks sprung forward this week
Animal and plants are in tune with the season
And for the people itís a big relief

Spring also means spring-cleaning
Scrubbing and dusting indoors
Windows and mirrors start to gleam
As do cupboards and those drawers
For peopleís spirits have lifted
Those frogs are amorous too
Time to go into the garden
To see what there is do.

Spring is the start of a new year
Full of resolutions to tidy up the garden
To go for long walks, or bicycle rides
All things that make your hearts gladdened
Animals and plants are already in tune
With the changing season
As the new found day light floods my house
Spring gives me a new vision

© By Doreen Hampshire (hampshiredoreen@gmail.com)

A New Season

Easter bunnies hopping in field
Quail sitting upon nest of eggs
Doves in palm tree feeding their young
Figs growing upon old fig tree

Tall irises standing in bloom
Hummingbirds sampling nectar
Yellow butterflies flit in air
Lizards sunning upon warm rocks

Birds of a feather gather string
To make a good nest for family
Jeans give way to shorts to be worn
Raindrops spotting abodes windows

Blossoms on Palo Verde tree
Sage decked out in lovely purple
Gardeners planting spring garden
It's a marvelous time of year

© By Sharon (Becuzz31@aol.com)

A New Season

Peter cottontail
hoppin down the bunny trail
with his triskit and tasket
and green and yellow baskets
hiding eggs,dipped in food coloring
hiding in bushes just watching the kids
chocolate bunnys colored eggs, baskets galore
that's what is in store
this season

my jacurunda tree
to me
is so pretty
and the itty-bitty
need lots of room

the tree grows tall
and blooms all at once throughout the city
the purple blooms make the city so pretty
they remind me of lilacs from back east
I surely couldn't pick which I like least

© By Amy(fabulousfilly@aol.com)

The Tease

There is always one tree
That likes to tease, and
Hold its leaves remaining bare,
While all the rest
Do their best to
Compete to show off their blooms,
The tease finally has to bow,
As its limbs burst and coat with green,
It is forced to relieve its watchers,
Who sigh and love it anyhow.

© By Norma(Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)



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