A Sound of Christmas

I heard the bells of Christmas,
I heard them calling me,
The bells in the church steeple
Back when I was a child.

Each church in our village
Would their bells toll,
Telling us it was time
To worship in our little church.

The sound of the single bell
Ringing out so loud,
Telling everyone
Each church was a service to have.

I heard the bell from the Methodists,
Oh that funny peal,
As it told the village
Worship was about to begin.

And then the Presbyterians
Their bell oh so different,
Would peal to remind us
To worship, it was the special time.

And finally, the Baptist,
With a bell so deep and loud,
Telling everyone,
It was that time.

Today I hear the bells of Christmas, tolling,
Ringing out around this town,
And it takes me back,
To when I was a child.

The simple little village,
And things so simple then,
For we all worshipped
It was when Christ was born.

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)







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