A Walk with Her

He took her hand she smiled at him,
he caressed it as they began to walk.
not saying a word, just feeling close,
inwardly both smiling.

Lightly squeezed her hand,
she did respond.
Then they heard the meadowlark,
they turned to face each other.

Both hands then were clasped,
forward they leaned,
their lips touching . . .
both knew the feeling.

They just quietly stood as his arms
did her entwine
emotions deepened.
both feeling it, he did say.

"Lets run away, just you and I,
lets go to some remote place."
She grinned then laughed
before she replied.

Then as she squeezed his hands,
she whispered,
"You ornery old goat."


They climbed a mountain
and didn't stop until they reached the top.
Winded, she turned to him...
He smiled and led her to their
favorite rock.

Unlike Happy Jack,
this mountain was green and lush.
The rock, their rock, was mossy and soft.
They settled and looked
out over the valley.
The stream they had crossed earlier
seemed small now.
The little bridge where they
had stopped and kissed, even smaller.

The sky seemed bluer up here,
the clouds whiter.
A gentle breeze lifted a strand
of her hair and he fingered it.
They gazed into one another's eyes
and found love.


They hugged, they loved and as the sun went down,
Hand in hand they started down.
Neither saying much, just holding hands
Ambling along thinking and wondering.

As the bottom of the hill they reached,
They stopped and did embrace.
Then with a kiss and a smile,
Each went back to their own lives.

Two lovers

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)




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