We have fed your hungry masses.
We have healed your sick and lame.
We have offered a safe harbor
to your children when they came.
We have stood shoulder to shoulder,
against tyranny and fought,
And won the fruits of freedom-
By our son's blood, they were bought.
We have built your mighty bridges,
and your dams we engineered.
We have faced your great oppressors-
when their terrible might you feared.
We have sent you untold billions,
and forgiven you the debt
Watched the banner of our nation,
burned, by fires that you set.
We have had our sons and daughters,
Held captive on your shores
And the embassies that housed them
we’ve watched leveled to the floors.
We have had our trust defiled-
Our compassion seen as fear
And it’s time to set the record straight,
And the world had better hear.
We will loose our mighty armies,
To protect and shield this land
We will allocate our dollars
and United we will stand.
We will keep our banner waving..
We'll defend our liberty.
We will channel our resolve,
'Til we'll know the enemy…
Blessed by God up above us-
Democracy intact
There will be no place to hide……
When America strikes back!

© 2014 Sandy lee (All rights reserved)

By Sandy Lee (


Thank You

Echos Of War

An Autumn Prayer (several writers)

An Autumn Prayer (several writers)

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