A Book and Autumn Leaves

A book forgotten on Autumn lawn
Colorful leaves wafting down
Adorning pages of said forgotten book
The leaves tell their own life story

After spending spring and summer time
Camouflaging birds on a limb
Now they are dropping to earth down below
Soon the tree branches will be bare

The reader will recall of a sudden
Will return to his or her book
Laughing when seeing the pretty leaves
Adorning the books open pages

By Sharon (becuzz31@aol.com)

A Book and Autumn Leaves

As I read my poetry book outside
On that autumn day
I was sitting in the garden
with the wind blowing my way
I ran quickly inside the house
watching the blustery wind
I saw the leaves falling down
It was like a whirlwind

I forgot to bring my book inside
so it stayed outside a while
many leaves were blowing down
and making little piles
Twisting, turning falling
The colourful foliage
so when I next saw my book
orange, brown leaves covered the page

By Doreen Hampshire (hampshiredoreen@hotmail.com)

A Book and Autumn Leaves

A book lay outside on the ground overnight.
She had looked for it when she sat down after supper;
Thought she'd left it upstairs on her nightstand,
But couldn't remember for sure.....

She picked up her sewing basket and pulled out her darning egg.
A hole in the heel of her best black stockings needed mending.
When the flames grew low, she paused and looked toward the window.
There was frost in the forecast but she'd covered the geraniums.

Outside, the wind had stilled and the air had turned crisp.
The old wicker chair 'neath the tree sagged with tiredness.
Leaves were falling and so were the acorns.
The book's pages fluttered then stilled.

A russet-colored leaf marked the page where she'd nodded off.
"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways."
She would remember tomorrow......
She would remember the lines and want to read them again___
because she carried a secret in her heart and read them every day.

By Marilyn-Lara(LaraOct7@aol.com)

An Unscheduled Night

A balmy Indian summer sky
Beckoned me to read outside,
Though I reclined in a mellow state,
And instead began to meditate.

As time passed there was a yawn,
My good book slipped upon the lawn,
As my arm hung from my sleeping form,
The stars passed into the next morn.

Some neighbor brought me a coffee cup,
Said “Daisy” are you going to get up?
Confused and bleary eyed I found,
My unread book upon the ground.

It was all dressed in pretty colored leaves,
I shook them away, but then I sneezed,
Shuffling into the house I went,
A night under the stars well spent.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)

Enjoy a Fall Day

Fall has come, growing season has gone
yellow leaves falling from the trees
so now one can sit with a book
enjoy the warm fall days as a lark

grass still so bright green
sit and relax, enjoy the fall sky
watch the leaves falling from a tree
hopefully just you and me

dream of wanderlust, become engrossed
drop off and drop the book
leaves fall on it there
you awaken, look about and understand

not a sign nor omen it be
just your eyes needed to rest
look about no one there
smile, go in and make a cup of tea.

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

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