~ A Harvest Prayer ~

Thank you Lord for harvest
and all the good food around.
For all the sunshine and the rain
. with all of nature's sounds.
We thank you Lord.

The birds and animals he loves
as he feeds them every day.
He colours flowers , also the plants
that we see each day.
We thank you Lord.

Thank you for the farmers,
who work in fields, on farms.
Toiling hard each and every day,
God keep them free from harm.
We thank you Lord.

When all the harvest is gathered in
and all have done their share
it is then the time to celebrate
and let God show you care.
We thank you Lord.

By Doreen Hampshire (hampshiredoreen@hotmail.com)



~ A Harvest Prayer ~

Thank You lord for family who love
When our Dear Man you called above
They help me each day
They do it without pay
My family aid me come push or shove

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)



~ Harvest~

In the big city, our harvestís a moon
Farm folks fill us with luscious fall food
Be not mistaken, thereís a harvest of kind,
Memories of summer, harvested in the mind.

While one is seated by a facsimile fire,
That vacation ride will thought inspire,
Dreams of the Alps, or old Mexico,
Or brochures of new places in summer to go.

That fishfry on a mountain side
Or faux horse and carriage ride,
The beach where you met and rolled in the sand,
The moonlit night, romantic band.

If apples and pumpkins have to be bought,
Nor fresh gathered from farms like they ought,
We have a cornucopia of souvenirs, photographs, memories,
To share with our Thanksgiving families.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)


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