Andy Pelican stood on the pier, looking rather pathetic, hoping for a handout. He had no ability to catch fish. The other pelicans shunned him. A Pelican, who couldn’t feed himself, was useless as far as they were concerned. But Andy got along quite well. There was always a human who would feed him during the day. He was such a friendly Pelican and most humans were fascinated enough to feed him a fish once in awhile. Of course there were always one or two humans that were cruel and would toss him inedible items, and laugh when he picked it up and then dropped it. But though Andy was useless at hunting up food like a normal Pelican, he was smart enough to know not to eat inedible objects and avoid getting close enough to a human so as not to come to harm.

One day a precious little girl came along with her parents. She asked a fisherman for a fish, and because of her cuteness, the fisherman gave her one. She walked up to Andy and held out the fish. Everyone around was amazed when Andy came right up and took it from her hand. After that, the little girl came to the pier daily. Either with both parents or one. She always brought a fish for Andy.

The friendship grew between little girl and Pelican. Andy started getting a bit plump from the steady meals. The other Pelicans started getting jealous. They started joining Andy. So many pelicans at once, frightened the little girl and she stopped coming to the pier. Andy was saddened about not seeing his friend anymore. He tried making friends with other children, but they were not always kind. He became so despondent that he started losing weight. The other Pelicans moved on and Andy was again alone. He would scrounge a fish or two from kind fishermen, but it was not the same as the little girl who had generally liked him.

One day, someone thought they saw a tear drop from Andy’s eye. Nobody had ever seen a Pelican cry before. A savvy newsman took a picture of the Pelican crying. The newspaper ran the picture the following weekend. The little girl’s father saw the picture and showed it to his wife and daughter. The little girl was sad about this and started coming to the pier with fish for Andy again. And the friendship bloomed. Andy was again a happy Pelican.

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